6 Productivity Hacks For Working From Home

Written by Stephanie

May 2, 2023

Who would have thought just a few years ago that working remotely would be so accepted in the world of work? Yet remote work has increasingly become a norm, especially as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. That includes exclusively from home or a mix of home and office, known as hybrid work.


In fact, as of 2022, nearly 50% of Millennials and more than 40% of Gen Z workers in the United States had already done freelance work. A study by a leading freelance platform cited reasons such as wanting greater freedom and flexibility as reasons for this upsurge in freelance work, much of it done remote from fixed offices.


Remote work does indeed sound more liberating. Who wants to put up with daily commutes and endless office meetings when you can work from home or your favourite coffee house, right! But it can have its challenges too, especially regarding productivity. So, here are Yip’s six suggested hacks you can use to make working remotely a winning option!

Hack #1: Create A Working Environment

You need a designated area to work. It can be a home office or study, a bedroom, a space beneath the stairs! It seems so obvious, but so many remote workers fail to do this, opting to work on the couch the one day, and the kitchen table the next. That’s a big mistake. You need a designated workspace – that, if possible, is just that.


The word ‘digital nomad’ has become very hip in recent years. People do podcasts and post photos showing them working at everywhere from beaches and parks to even hammocks on a porch! Very nice and romantic – but also very unrealistic for the majority of people! It’s also not very conducive to most work productivity, unless you’re indeed a travel podcaster.


Remember: Your space needs to look like a workplace, so make sure it does.

Hack #2: Get A Work-Ready Chair

Yes, having a good chair is so important we’ve made it a standalone hack! You can have the best desk, a great laptop or desktop computer and all the fanciest remote work software, but if you’re sitting uncomfortably, your productivity will dive!


Ergonomics, which is the physiological relationship between you and your workstation, is critically important, whatever your age. An ergonomically poor chair can of course result in back aches and neck strain due to poor body posture. But poor ergonomics can also result in a host of health issues such as blurred vision, headaches and even carpal tunnel syndrome – and that last one can be hell!


Remember: If your chair sucks, you will pay the price both physically and mentally, so get a good one.

Hack #3: Dress The Part

No, gents, you do not need to get dressed up in a suit and tie every day! Nor do you need to get attired in your best business outfit just to work from home, ladies! But you do need to stop working every day in your skankiest tracksuit or pajamas! You need something that is comfortable, of course, but still makes you feel professional.


Sure, you can have the odd day where you make no effort, but getting dressed into something a little less casual is good for you. Why is that? Because it differentiates between your working hours and leisure hours. It’s been known to ‘shift the brain’. One of the worst  drawbacks of being a remote worker is when days seem to blend into other with no distinction between work and rest. That is not good for you!


Remember: dressing a little less casually goes a long way to making you feel like a professional and even perform better.

Hack #4: Have A Routine

Some people advocate that having a ‘morning routine’ is a great idea. That means you get up (more or less) at the same day each morning, have breakfast and then get on with your day in a set pattern. You should then also take your coffee and lunch breaks at more or less the same time, and so forth.


There is a lot to be said to having a set work routine. We know what we need to do during the day and it keeps us focused.


Remember: devise a routine that works for you and then stick it to most days, okay.

Hack #5: Take Breaks!

No, you absolutely do not need to be sitting at your desk from 9 to 5 in order to be productive! Having such a strict work timetable kinda defeats the purpose of being a remote worker in the first place, right?


Studies have shown that taking breaks during your workday is good for you. It makes you more alert and minimizes the risk of what is called ‘decision fatigue,’ which is negative for any worker.


Remember: take breaks whenever possible and as frequently as needed – you’ll know what works for you.

Hack #6: Capitalize On the Benefits of Working Remotely!

Being a remote worker should mean having a better quality of life, including having more time for your family, friends and hobbies. That should be true whether you’re a self-employed Yiper/instructor, or working on a hybrid schedule with your employer,


You can even take the time to learn new technology hacks, such as how to make the most of search engine optimisation (SEO). Knowing about SEO means understanding how better to attract potential customers or clients with their online searches. That could be an invaluable skill for your own business or employer!


Remember: carpe diem, or seize the day, as the saying goes! That means making the most of being a remote worker

Remote work, whether full time or hybrid, can be challenging. It can even be scary at times! But it need not be if you remember the hacks covered here. Working remotely may still be a ‘privilege’ for many, but it’s fast becoming the way of the future. Knowing how to harness it will set you well for years to come!


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