Not Only For Grandma! Is Crochet Back In?

Written by Stephanie

May 8, 2023

Trends come and go. Some trends last a mere season or year, others for longer. Some trends even provide opportunities to learn new skills or start a new business. One such trend is crocheting.


Crochet is no longer the fuddy-duddy past-time of grandmas and boho hipsters. Oh, no! In recent years it has become all the rage among celebrities and youngsters wanting something different yet comfortably familiar. Crocheted garments and accessories have been ‘a thing’ for some time now. So too has the art and skill of crochet become an exciting trend.  And crochet remains on-trend.


So, let’s explore the world of crocheting, shall we!

What Exactly Is Crochet?

The word crochet is derived from the French for croche, which means hook. That’s because crochet uses a single hook that creates interlocking loops. These hooks can be in various sizes and the resulting fabric can be very tight, even rigid, or open and full of holes. One can use woollen yarn, twine, thread or cotton with which to crochet.


The history of crochet is fascinating and quite varied. Its origins are not that easy to pinpoint. Some suggest it originated in Arabia. Tambour emrboidery, for example, is very similar in technique to crochet and dates back to Ancient China. It was introduced into Europe in the 1760s. A direct precursor of crochet was ‘shepherd’s knitting,’ which was practised in Denmark in the 1800s. The English and French popularized it and European emigrants introduced the art to America.

Is Crochet Really Trendy Now?

Yes, you better believe that crocheting is very popular today! For example, TikTok, which is dominated by Gen-Z creators and viewers, had 15.5 billion views for videos tagged under the keyword ‘crochet’ as of late 2022! Knitting videos on the popular platform, on the other hand, only had 2.7 billion views. Fashionistas have also been gaga for crocheted fashion, with one online fashion zine declaring, “Chic Crochet Fashion Looks Aren’t Going Anywhere In 2023”.


It’s been noted that crocheted fashion has stuck around for more seasons than most trends do. Celebrities love crocheted stuff. Bella and Gigi Hadid have often been photographed wearing crocheted fashion jumpers or vests. Hugely popular singer  and fashion-forward ‘King of Androgyny,’ Harry Styles, is also known to love crocheted garments.


Other celebrity crochet fans include British singer Dua Lipa, who has even worn a crocheted bikini to Miami Beach while on tour! Probably the ‘queen of crochet’ is the pop singer Katy Perry, who professed her love for crocheting way back in 2013. Katy famously wore a crocheted granny square dress when a judge on a February 2020 episode of American Idol. The mini dress was an instant hit and was designed by Ashish Gupta, inspired by a crocheted blanket his grandmother had when he was growing up!

Why Is Crochet Cool & Fun?

So, why is crochet such a hit and so cool? One reason is because, unlike so much clothes today, proper crochet means it’s hand-made. We live in a world that is so mass-produced that it’s little wonder that hand-crafted items are so in vogue and even revered for their intricate work and skill. Crochet is unique in that there really is no machine that can properly replicate its intricate stitching.


Crocheted pieces are also immensely versatile, in that they can be stylish year-round. You can wear a crocheted scarf or beret for winter and then slip on a slinky crochet bikini for the beach, just as Dua Lipa did! Recent fashion trends such as ‘cottagecore’ and ‘grandpacore’ (yip, they’re a thing!) have also made crocheted items far more desirable.


Another interesting angle why crochet is so popular has to do with a certain pandemic. Lockdowns and isolation for weeks on end meant that many people took up crochet as a way to destress and pass the time during COVID-19. 

Maybe You Can Consider Crocheting?

A great incentive for you to take up crocheting is that many people have discovered that it’s actually quite easy. In the words of Erika Knight, a celebrated crochet and knitwear designer: “The joy of crochet is its simplicity: there is only ever one stitch in work and just a few variations of the basic stitches to master, but the possibilities of using and combining those stitches together are endless.”


It’s certainly easier than knitting, according to many experts. For example, with knitting you have to use needles, which requires quite a lot of dexterity. Crochet only requires a single hook. ‘Live stitches’ move around between needles during knitting, making mistakes quite easy. The exclamation, ‘Oh no, I’ve missed a stitch’ is quite common with knitters! With crochet, you only work one stitch at a time.


As with so much that you want to get ideas on, Youtube is a great starting point to know if crocheting is for you. A whole new world awaits you, including new lingo! For example, there are different names for crochet stitching between British English and American English. So,  a double crochet or ‘dc’ stitch in a British pattern is a single crochet or ‘sc’ stich in an American pattern. And a double crochet in America is a treble or ‘tr’ stitch in the UK, Ireland or Australia!  


You might even wish to eventually become an expert in amigurumi, which is the Japanese craft of making small stuffed crocheted toys. They’re cute as hell and one can make good money with them! Whatever your crochet-related search, you’d do well to know a little about search engine optimisation, or SEO. It’s the means by which websites and even Youtube or Instagram videos pop up with search terms and can really improve how and what you search.


To conclude, the words of American knitwear authoress and crochet expert, Judith L. Swartz, are worth quoting: “I value crochet with good reason: it is a very simple technique that is capable of producing very sophisticated results”. You may just find that an irresistible  proposition!


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