Selling Music Courses Online: Best New Side Hustle

Written by Stephanie

September 16, 2022

An online course is web-based learning content that anyone with an internet connection can access. Creating a course and selling it online makes a great side hustle because once you launch it, it will generate passive income even when you are not working on it. 

It is not an easy process, but it is definitely rewarding once you find the right niche and marketing strategy to boost your sales. 

This article will focus on online music courses. If you are a musician or a music enthusiast, who wants to share your knowledge and skills with musicians worldwide, dive in to learn four steps to create, sell and market an online music course successfully in 30 days or less. 

1. Pick a Niche

The first step in creating your course is picking a niche. You don’t want to create a course in a niche you have little to no experience in, no matter how lucrative it is. Go for an exciting niche where you have good expertise. 

A few ideas for music niches can include: 

  • sound engineering for beginners
  • playing an instrument for beginners 
  • Learning to read the piano keys

Keep your course precise instead of choosing a general topic to avoid tough competition.

2. Create an Online Course with YIP

After choosing your topic, choose the medium of your course. YIP allows your to create music classes with real people, and soon you’ll be able to sell documents (such as e-books) and pre-recorded videos. If you are preparing a music course, it makes more sense to do live classes and sell short videos. It allows you to be more practical and makes it easier for your students to follow what you are doing because of the visual content instead of written content. Next, ensure the sound system ( microphone), background, and aesthetic are planned out before conducting your class or shooting your video. 

Once your course is ready, you want to give it a fair and competitive price. Calculate the cost of creating the course and the hours it took to complete the music lessons. Give it a price tag that is low enough to be competitive but high enough to keep you motivated.

3. Promote your Online Music Course

Once you launch your online course, start promoting it restlessly on all the right platforms.

Suppose you have little online presence before your online course. In that case, you will need to create a website or a blog. There are plenty of free or super savvy web hosts, such as WordPress and Blue host. Next, give your online course a dedicated page to properly promote everything it’s about. 

Apart from a website, create accounts on different social media pages like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or others, depending on your niche target audience. For instance, if you are targeting adults aged 30 and above, you can focus on Facebook, and if your target audience is young adults and teenagers, TikTok is a nice place to start. 

Utilizing email marketing can be a great way to promote your course. If you are an established blogger with a substantial online presence and email list, promote your course to your subscribers. You can send out automated emails to your subscribers, or you can send individual emails to specific groups of customers.


When embarking on this field, you might find an influencer who fits your niche or a mentor you admire. Get in touch with them and propose the idea of a collaboration. The influencer can promote or write about your course in exchange for a fee or another mutual agreement.

In conclusion, the most ideal way to build a successful online music course is to keep testing your methods and see what turns out best for you. Make sure to stay adaptable and mindful of how your students are accepting your course. You could find a better target audience or sort out ways of tweaking your course to develop it further. 

As dull as it may sound, patience and discipline are always crucial when starting a new business. Start by committing a couple of hours after work to this side hustle, and if you follow our steps carefully, you will be making passive income in no time!


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